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Vivian M Rakoff PET Centre
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Welcome to the Vivian M Rakoff PET Centre at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. The PET Centre is fully dedicated to brain research using positron emission tomography. The Centre fosters multidisciplinary research within the University of Toronto academic community. The PET Centre has an internal research program as well as collaborative projects with investigators throughout the University of Toronto neuroscience community.

The PET Centre is an international leader in the application of PET Methodology to neuropsychiatric disorders and the addictions. It has a cyclotron and a radiochemistry facility for the production of positron emitting radiopharmaceuticals (PERs) for human use. The Centre has two PET scanners: a brain High-Resolution Research Tomograph (HRRT) and a whole-body PET/CT scanner.

The PET Centre is a world leader in the development of novel PET probes to study the brain. The Centre has a second cyclotron, a research radiochemistry and a preclinical laboratory dedicated to the development of new PET radiotracers.

The PET Centre is part of the Brain Health Imaging Centre (BHIC) within the Campbell Family Mental Health Research Institute at CAMH. The BHIC has a 3T Magnetic resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner that provides a complementary imaging technique to PET. The BHIC scientists use an integrated approach to study the brain with PET, MRI and genetics.

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